Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Time to Love

I'm blogging to Stevie Wonder's new album, A Time to Love. I'm on track one, "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved," which features the peerless Kim Burrell. Oh, man. If this song is any indication, I'm going to like this album much more than Conversation Peace, which I thought was, well, OK. The song has a prophetic edge to it, and blends an orchestral sound with African drums, beatbox, a choir (arranged by Kirk Franklin) and Burrell's rich, agile, hint-of-rasp melismatics. Gorgeous.

You can hear "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved" and a couple of other full-length tracks from A Time to Love on this page, which features Farai Chideya's interview with Wonder.


Grant said...

This is a really good album. I think it does eb and flow like a lot of albums do. But it's so hard to be too critical, after all, this is STEVIE WONDER! :)

LaTonya said...

I know. In my opinion, most of the best songs are toward the beginning of the album.