Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kirk Whalum, Roaring Lamb

In this interview with Ed Gordon of NPR's News and Notes, saxophonist Kirk Whalum speaks about his faith, his music and his career.

Writer Bob Briner coined the phrase "Roaring Lambs" to describe people like Whalum: Christians who make a difference in the world by using their God-given gifts in mainstream culture, rather than retreating into the Christian subculture.

Whalum's gospel/Christian albums include Hymns in the Garden, The Gospel According to Jazz, Chapter 1, and The Gospel According to Jazz, Chapter 2.

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Bruce said...

Does anybody out there really know much about jazz (or contemporary classical, or crossover jazz-rock-classical) that is aimed at worhipping the Lord? Thank God for Kirk Whalum! I know about Duke Ellington's sacred jazz. I have a copy of Grover Washington's Christmas album, wonderful album, from right before he passed on.

Any help?

LaTonya said...

Hi, Dr. M,

Right now, I'm really enjoying Mary Jo Williams' album, Mary Lou's Mass. It's a very interesting, challenging work.

You may also find some leads in this post: Since this is an interest we share, I'll see what else I can find.

Do share what you discover, won't you? And friends in the blogosphere, let's see if we can help The Good Dr.

LaTonya said...

Oh--I forgot to mention--try the works of Cyrus Chestnut and Bradley Sowash as starting points. And--there's always Take 6 . . . :-)