Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fantasia on Gospel Music and Christian Community

"Gospel music is truly special because the gospel artists find so many ways to express their love and appreciation for Jesus. Gospel singers have the gift to be able to put the passion of loving God into their music in a way that touches people who don't even believe in God . . .What I have always loved about gospel music is that it takes from the black experience, and so the music has a feeling that touches everyone who has ever known about pain and struggle, even if you are not saved. The amazing thing that gospel music does is touch people's spirits with all the truth, drama, and emotion that come from livin.' . . .

"By being in church, I saw how important people are to me. When you're in the church you get a chance to see people going through every period of their lives. At church you see how fragile people can be. You see people who are happy and thanking God for blessings, but you also see people who have just lost their child or husband or have been diagnosed with a deadly disease. You see the most faithful people angry and questioning God's love. Other times, you see people who are wantin' one more chance and they are worshipping him so strongly you can taste their desperation. Church folks have taught me everything I know about life and happiness and sorrow, good and evil, riches and poverty. This has given me a loving view of people and that is why, to this day, I never meet a stranger. I have a loving attitude about everyone who I meet . . ."

--Fantasia Barrino in Life is Not a Fairy Tale

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