Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update: Boys Choir of Harlem

An update related to this post:

Harlem Boys Choir Faces Eviction (CNN.com): "There have been many moments of greatness over the decades for the Boys Choir of Harlem -- concerts around the world, audiences including Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II. But the choir has also struggled in recent years with financial troubles, and management issues in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal."

Boys Choir of Harlem Loses Legal Round (1010 WINS): "A Manhattan judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order Friday that would have let the famed Boys Choir of Harlem stay in its rehearsal space but she scheduled a hearing on whether the eviction was legal."

Boys Choir of Harlem Prevented From Entering Their Building (Wavy.com): "Education officials say the choir's financial and management problems after a sex scandal prompted the eviction."

Choir's Founder Barred From Building (CNN.com): "'The choir is not disbanded,' [founder Walter]Turnbull said. 'We will continue to rehearse, and we will continue to honor our contractual obligations because we're paid for every performance.'"

New Choir Big Sings Sad Tune (huh?) (NY Daily News): "Mary Eustace Valmont, the embattled choir's acting executive director, said City Hall's decision to evict choir officials from a Harlem public school on Feb. 1 has caused the group to cancel all performances, including a trip to Cuba because its singers cannot rehearse."

Here's a roundup of additional stories, courtesy of Topix.net.

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