Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gospel Geek Alert: Album Cover Roundup

Now, this is cool. A website called tracks CD and DVD covers. This promises to be helpful on a few levels. For example, not only can you trace an artist's various hairstyles through the years (valuable, I know), but it's also a good way to fill in any gaps you have in your knowledge of an artist's discography. I've just done a bit of browsing so far, but it seems to have an impressive archive. (Hat tip:, illustration credit:

In other album art news, I learned about the work of Harvey, an artist who illustrated many 1960s-era gospel album covers, through Bob Marovich's website, The gallery on the
site is worth browsing. Apparently Harvey's identity is a mystery. recently highlighted Purgatorio's Divine Vinyl collection of Christian album art from the 1970s. Whooooooo. It's the visual equivalent of The Annoying Music Show (as well
as the source of the Rappin' Reverend cover at right). *Shaking head* My [Christian] people, my [Christian] people.

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