Friday, June 01, 2007

J Moss On 'That Breathing Thing'

When I read this Associated Press interview with J Moss, I laughed so loudly a coworker came by to see what the big deal was. Hats off to Aimee Maude Simms for asking one of those questions that, as an interviewer, you want to ask, but may or may not have the guts to.

The relevant excerpt:

"Associated Press: Sometimes when you sing, you do that breathing thing. You could almost think of it like the way preachers breathe ....

Moss: I don't think that's what you're referring to.

Associated Press: Or it can get sensual there, too.

Moss: Right. ... I get so many e-mails! It's so funny. People are crazy. They e-mail me it's like: "J! I love your album, but I had to turn it off," and I'm thinking like, why? What's wrong? What did I do? "Oh my goodness, you know, all that breathing you was doing!" ... That's just me. I wrote R&B for so long. Everything was about vibe. I breathe on the beat. I inhale on the beat, exhale on the beat, I make certain sounds. It's just all a part of the J Moss make up. And I've heard people say that if you're a real worshipper, that carries, or requires a certain degree of intimacy about yourself."

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