Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sacred Jazz

A few weeks ago, Dr. M. wrote in search of sacred jazz and related resources. I directed him to this post, and he shared a playlist that he discovered, originating from a "Jazz Goes To Church" program that aired on Boston's WGBH. Go check it out--if you're wondering where you should start in building a sacred jazz collection (I see that hand!) I think several of these CDs would make a great starter kit (Ahh, the Starter Kit--another post for another day.).

Here are a few other resources. As always, write in with your comments, suggestions and leads.

I recently learned about Bending Toward the Light: A Jazz Nativity. I'm also listening to Holy Night: A Jazz Celebration of Christmas, a great addition to some of my other seasonal favorites (Oh, like you didn't know!)

Church Jazz Records is a record company whose mission is "to make available liturgy, hymns and recordings of sacred jazz, and to support worship services which incorporate sacred jazz." (Martin Marty says: "When Tecson and company bring jazz into the sanctuary, they induce awe.")

Spirit Jazz Records, another record company, exists "to bring an awareness of Christian Jazz to the national marketplace. Our goal is to place Christian Jazz along side other viable forms of worship within the Christian music industry as a normal, healthy part of the radio and retail world."

The Christian Jazz Artists Network is a networking/fellowship group for artists who perform sacred jazz, as well as jazz artists who are Christians. There are a lot of good resources here, and you can purchase music via this site. There is also a Fellowship of Creative Christian Jazz Musicians.

Bill Ward and Kersten Stevens have recently released jazz/gospel albums. Kim Jordan's CD "Full Circle" is has been nominated for Stellar Awards in the categories of Contemporary Female Artist and Instrumental Gospel Jazz CD. Here's some info about gospel jazz.

And so begins what could be a very lengthy and information-rich discussion. I know this list has only scratched at the surface of the surface. So, dear readers/lurkers, add your own lists, thoughts, et cetera.

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