Monday, November 14, 2005

In Case of Emergency, Open This Jewel Case

For a couple of weeks now, I've been eyeing a copy of Feels Good I've kept on my desk. That's correct: Take 6's latest album, which drops January 31st, 2006. You may express your envy in the comments section if you so desire. Getting my copy made for one of those moments where I considered doing a little dance around my office and humming "Can't Help Lovin' That Work of Mine" (hat tip: Show Boat).

One might think that I was simply showing admirable restraint in not jamming it into the CD player as soon as it came. But I just couldn't listen to it right away. For one thing, I wanted to create the Perfect Listening Experience before I could enjoy the album. Naturally, this would involve cleaning house from top to bottom, finishing all of the laundry, cleaning out the closets, caulking the windows for winter, balancing the checkbook, framing and hanging some artwork, making the perfect cup of coffee, and maybe lighting a candle or two (Gospel Gal occasionally has a tiny problem with perfectionism and the resulting paralysis).

But I was also afraid to end the anticipation I've felt since I heard about the forthcoming album back in June. I mean, what would I live for after I'd listened? It was almost better to just have it sitting on my desk as something to look forward to.

And then.

Last week was so busy and crazy that I knew I needed a pick-me-up like no other. A pick-me-up that didn't involve spending money or time away from all of my responsibilities (Nix on the idea of running away from home to join the circus--or running away from the circus to join a home . . .).

So I did it. I broke the glass, so to speak. I closed my office door, sipped a too-cold cup of Seattle's Best, kept working and listened.

And while I haven't yet given the album the Official, Serious Review-Worthy Listen (that comes later and involves a blank steno pad, an 0.2mm pen and hot coffee), I can say that it is a good album. Not quite as satisfying as So Cool--I really consider that album their best after So Much 2 Say--but delightful nonetheless.

So: What, for you, makes the Perfect Listening Experience? And what's the last album you couldn't wait to listen to?

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