Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Meet Chiccy Baritone

Lurkers, I'd like you to meet Charlene Evans, a friend of Gospel Gal's family. Charlene is Chiccy Baritone, a spoken-word poet who is beyond up-and-coming: She's Next In Line. That's the name of her CD, which is available at www.cdbaby.com/charleneevans. Here, she shares her piece "The Great Escape."

The Great Escape

I find my therapy from life in scores, notes, and melodies. Rhyming or flowing, if I could inject music in me I will be a never-ending story. Make room in my vessel for the most high God who speaks clearly and spiritually thru words that can be sung or read like poetry. All music creates a movement but I prefer that my movement brings me closer to you...so is your name Jesus? I can go to places unknown or rebuild the place I have always known thru the groove of the spiritual cadence sung by my ancestors of long ago. Give me a song of praise to keep me invincible to pain, hurt, wrong ways; it’s only a hum or song away. I don’t need anything to partake of the “great escape” because for me it’s in my heart like the “Word of God” and it plays a part in shaping life. I am a melting pot creating a melting pot in order to get the gospel out...use me, change me, then release within me the songs of the most high God, written like poetry.

--chiccy baritone

Hear Charlene performing more of her poetry--and buy the CD--at www.cdbaby.com/charleneevans. You'll enjoy it. Mention that Gospel Gal sent you!

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