Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Fashion of the Christ

With a title like that, how could you not read? Even if it's not about Christian T-Shirts (these in particular crack me up)? Another recent favorite: Rhythm and Pews. The not-so-closeted punophile in me loves it. Hey, first you groan, and then you read, right? Because the 11th commandment is Thou Shalt Be Clever. The 12th is: Get it Out of Your System Before You Title Something. The 13th is probably something about Not Being Snarky. (Sigh. That's probably why we are not supposed to add to the prophecy. . .)

In any case, here's a Businessweek article about one of the effects that mainstream success has had on the Christian music, movie and publishing industries. The deck summarizes it well: "Corporations like Sony and Time Warner are grabbing pieces of the religious music, movie and book markets. The losers: Small specialty stores."

What's your favorite independent music store? How are some ways you support independent retailers and the indie gospel scene?

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