Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Couple of Scandals

No ministry or organization or business is exempt from the possibility of scandal. Here are a couple of recent ones related to the gospel music industry. I probably won't do much related to the first one, but am intrigued by the second:

First, a payola dust-up:

Payola Probe Leads to Gospel Radio Firing (Chicago Sun-Times)

WGRB/Chicago PD Robinson Out Over Alleged Payola (Radio News Roundup)

Clear Channel Fires Gospel PD over Payola Scandal (Billboard Radio Monitor)

Chicago PD Fired Over Payola Allegations (FMQB Radio Industry News)

The Mike Robinson (no relation to Sandra Robinson) mentioned in these stories has now replaced Sandra Robinson as program director at WGRB, according to

Second, a pretty interesting one:

Lawsuit: Sony-BMG Blacklisted Agent to Keep Gospel Singers Underpaid (Associated Press)

This is worth watching. Some big names are listed here, and if it's true that Verity Records president Max Siegel (a lawyer himself) intimidated artists into dropping their agent--artists as significant (and, one would assume, business-savvy) as Dr. Bobby Jones, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker and Twinkie Clark--that's No Small Thing.

More on Verity Records--which celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year-- can be heard here.

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